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Digital Heat Transfer Decoration

Digital Heat Transfer Applications

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iTech-Graphic GmbH - Digital Heat Transfer Printing

We - iTech-Graphic GmbH - are a manufacturer of high end digital heat transfer images for the decoration of a variety of articles as tubes, cups, shells, paper cubes, yard sticks, pens and many more.
In close cooperation with Kammann Spezialmaschinen und Steuerungstechnik GmbH we develop digital heat transfer technology for the decoration of all kinds of products and materials. Together with another partner in the USA we continuously improve and provide digitally printed heat transfers in Europe and the USA.

Digital Printing - Quality From Start to Finish

Compared to other printing and decorating technologies, our digital heat transfer process - the Digitran®-Process - offers several advantages. The first to mention is that the printing will be done in our facilities so that you can save on the storage of printing materials, you won't have to invest into expensive machinery, you don't need to worry about color management and everything else that is connected to printing. All you have to do is to send us the artwork and receive a finished roll of digital heat transfer images. Our technology allows personalization, serialization and economically efficient production of small volumes, starting at one print. The high end printing quality of up to 1200dpi and an outstanding gloss make this decoration to an eye catcher which can not be achieved with other printing techniques. And during this process we commit ourselfes to be eco-friendly and sustainable, using water based technologies and harmless printing materials.

With the iTech-Standard for digitally printed heat transfers.

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