Digital Printing

Photo-realistic digital printing for heat transfer applications

The electrographic digital printing press used in our company is modified and optimized for the production of photo-realistic heat transfer images. Those heat transfer images can be applied onto a huge variety of articles and materials to achieve an outstanding decoration.
While using a digital heat transfer process we offer a harmless and sustainable product for a safe and easy useability. To achieve those goals we avoid solvents, heavy metals, monomers, and other hazardous materials and created a product that can be recycled easily after the decoration is done.
The printing itself is based on the four color CMYK process, adding the spot color white to it for a optimal appearance even on colored products.

Your Benefits:

  • Cost-efficient production of small volumes
  • Photo-realistic print quality
  • Personalization and serialization
  • Short lead times
  • Great usability
  • A "green" Product

What's Special?

We have set-up a standardized process for the production of digitally printed heat transfer labels. This standard makes it easy to communicate colors as well as an accurate file to print process. Our close cooperation with the machine manufacturer Kammann Spezialmaschinen und Steuerungstechnik GmbH allows us to improve and test new print materials on their heat transfer machines.

This way we can offer a process that opens up all advantages of digital heat transfer decoration, while taking care on the complexity that is involved in digital printing.


Further specialties of our process can be found at: The Technology.

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