About Us

Since the establishment of iTech-Graphic GmbH in 2006 we produce customized, digitally printed heat transfer images for the decoration of shaped articles made from a variety of materials. Located in Buende, Germany we develop new technologies and techniques to improve the final result with digital heat transfer decorations.

Our services include the checking and optimization of artworks in our prepress to get the best print for your decoration. With training measures we keep our staff up to date in color management, preparation of artworks and everything else needed to guarantee the best possible results in digital printing and to support you with the preparation of your artworks.

On our customized and optimized digital printing presses we print your artwork on a transfer film which can be modified to fit your needs perfectly. 

The decoration process itself is based on heat transfer machines to apply the artworks on the articles. This technique of decoration allows you to produce small volume orders, personalized or serialized articles, and photo-realistic decors to make your product stand out from the masses.

Our partner for heat transfer machines is the Kammann Spezialmaschinen und Steuerungstechnik GmbH (KSM) which designes and manufactures personalized heat transfer machines, customized for your articles.


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