The Strength of Digital Heat Transfers

Why digital printing and heat transfer decoration combine so well

The application of digitally printed heat transfer images is advantageous compared to conventional decoration methods in so many ways.
Starting with the possibility to make personalized or serialized products at very low costs, the production of small volume orders, up to the photo-realistic quality, only a few were named. Compared to other digital decoration techniques digital heat transfers do not require expensive machinery, expensivly trained operators or the know-how to handle digital printing presses.

By taking care of all parts of the printing process we only need a printable file and the quantity, to deliver a roll of perfectly printed heat transfer images, and all you have to do is to apply them to your articles. This way you can offer the best quality decoration without the actual printing! No screens, no storage, no cleaning, no chemicals, no inks, no expensive machinery, ... all this is not needed for a digital heat transfer decoration.

With our technology and know-how in digital printing we can offer a high quality, photo-realistic print with a supreme scratch resistance and an outstanding gloss.


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